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May 9

Siberian music video scam is kind of catchy.

I recently got a link to this video via LiveJournal’s internal messaging system. (LiveJournal is run by Russians these days). It is not really clear where it falls on the spam/scam/whatever spectrum. Almost certainly it has more backing capital than is claims.

I responded saying that I thought the video was cool, that I would share it, and recommended Kickstarter.

The name’s Sam! I live in Sibera,Russia. Do you know where it is? Oh c’mon! Everyone knows that Siberia is a snow desert somewhere deep in Russia. We still got internetbut the rest of the modern stuff is not here. However I managed to setup a studio using a lot of cardboard, Soviet synthesizers and iMac G4 Plus I found a videocamera at my neighborz.

Wonder what we could make using all these garbage? Imo tell ya!! Mate, garbage is the most fashionable thing now! We got lucky with that / The luck itself found us here. Check out what we pulled off having zero financial support in the subject youtube link!

It was a bitch to record in a cardboard box size of a jail cell, a beat stuffy. :)) That’s why I’m looking forward to fixing the whole ”studio” situation.

If it blew your head off or at least didn’t leave you emotionless I would like to ask for your support. Use PayPal,Itunes or BandCamp links from video description in Youtube.

I would also be delighted to hear from you in my guestbook or simply buzz my office: +7 926 251 4440

I speak some English and Chinese, besides there are German and French speakersin da house. That’s why I truly believe we can find common language and exchange opinions. Stay tuned!